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2016 Olympic Golf Is Having A Rough Time

Posted By on January 20, 2016 in Golf, Sports |

The Olympic golf course in Rio

When it was first announced that golf would come back into the Olympics, people were elated. Held in the beautiful city of Rio, It’s the first time since 1904 Olympic games that golf will be played. This is fantastic news for fans of the game, as it shows how golf continues to evolve and expand into many different events. Rio has made leaps as they have created a brand new course for the teams to come play on.  Despite the fantastic news for the sport, the PGA is having a hard time finding players that will commit to playing. 2016 has already been a packed schedule for many professional golfers, and it seems difficult to make time for one more event. Recently the PGA announced that they will have a test event down in Rio. Olympic rules require that every sport competing have at least one test event at the venue before the games begin. If this event can be put together, it will count towards that rule. One problem though - many players have shown interest, but have not been willing to commit. PGA tour commissioner, Tim Finchmen told USA Today that, "We've got a good list of players who are, quote, interested in coming, but we don't have a long list of players who are committed to coming. That's the case with the guys who are currently playing on the PGA Tour, just because of the schedule, looking ahead to the summer, seeing the compaction. So I don't know." With many professionals on the PGA tour during the spring and summer months, they have been resistant. The test event has been set for March 8th, two days after the World Golf Championship. Despite the fact that the group would be taken down on chartered plans, many are hesitant they wouldn’t make the Valspar Championship. Besides being able to check the test event off the list, it’s important for the golfers to come play the course. They have knowledge that the builders wouldn’t have, and can point out flaws or mistakes that were overlooked. With the date drawing closer and closer, the PGA will continue to look for golfers who will be willing to travel down to Brasil.