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3 Tips for Beginner Golfers

Posted By on March 11, 2016 in Golf, Sports |

Lady_golferWith spring right around the corner, it’s not surprising people are itching to get back onto the golf course. Spending the day out on the green with wonderful friends and superb jokes is one of the best ways to spend a weekend - in fact, there are few things I would rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon. Over the past couple of years, golf has become more popular amongst the younger generations. As curiosity peaks, it can be confusing where to start. I have compiled a list of three tips to help all those who are looking to get into the majestic game of golf.

Get the right clubs

Golf clubs can be expensive, but when you are starting out you don’t need to get the best of the best. When you golf you are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in your bag, but you will not need that many. You want to spend your time and money getting the clubs that will help to develop your skills. In fact, when you are first starting out, there are around 6 clubs that you’ll want in your bag. They are a putter, driver, a sand wedge, a 6-iron, and an 8 iron. This grouping of clubs will help to hone your skills, perfect technics and be more forgiving than others. Consider obtaining used clubs at a sporting goods store and ask to try them before you buy them!

Take lessons

Now that you have your equipment, you are ready to hit the green. After you find a place you want to play at, it’s time to invest in a lesson. Both the favorable and awful news is that you don’t know much about golf. You won’t have any atrocious habits and don’t have the fear of asking questions about what you should be doing. It’s important to take a lesson as a professional will be able to help guide and give you positive feedback when things get hard. We all know how frustrating things can be when first learning a new game.  Find a teacher that inspires you and you can trust will help build your skills and confidence much quicker.

Don’t play on a golf course until you’re ready

It’s tempting to step out onto the golf course and go full throttle with a group of friends. You don’t want to do that though. Take the time to learn the different shots, tips and tricks so that when you step out onto a course, you know what you are doing. Learning the different strokes to chip, to drive or to get out of the sand is important. Learning the basics and vocabulary of golfing are essential if it’s a sport you want to excel at.

I hope these tips helped. Feel free to comment or share with anyone who may find them helpful. Hope to see you on the green!