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Improve Your Golf Game With These Exercises

Posted By on May 24, 2016 in Golf |

steve ellis golf Every golfer, whether you play the occasional weekend or are an avid player, is seeking the coveted perfect swing. While the general public may not realize it, all golfers are aware that there is far more to that perfect swing that meets the eye. Some players will shell out any amount of cash for a new driver, hoping to rid themselves of their dreaded handicap. But the truth is that physicality is one of the key factors to destroying that handicap and perfecting the swing. The success of Roy McIlroy and Tiger Woods have proven without a doubt that being in shape has a direct affect on your game. Golfers tend to be weaker in the core area, and those are the areas that are used the most. In order to carry your body (and driver) through the perfect swing, you need strong abdominals, and limber muscles in your hips, and lower back. Use these exercises to strengthen your core and target the muscles that will directly affect your efforts on the course.

Core Exercises


Side Plank

Why: Planks are the classic abs exercise, but doing them from your side not only strengthens your core muscles, but it also improves balance and strength in your hips and lower back. How: Lie down flat on your right side. Place your elbow directly below your shoulder and pull your shoulder blades in towards each other. Tighten your abs, and lift your hip up from the floor. Your body should form a straight line. Hold this pose for time, and then repeat on the other side.  

Paloff Press

Why: This is another classic ab exercise, but it’s not as widely known as the plank. When performed correctly, the Paloff Press can work your entire core. How: This move can be completed with a cable machine or with free weights. If you have a cable machine, kneel so that you are perpendicular to the machine, and hold the cable handles at chest level. Hold tension in your core and glutes, and soften your shoulders. Push arms straight out and away from your chest. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.  

Hip Strengtheners



Why: Standard lunges are done to increase hip mobility, which allows for a stronger swing. How: Stand straight up with your hands on your hips. Step one leg (far) out, and bend your leg so that your front leg is parallel to the ground. Hold for a few seconds while maintaining the integrity of your back leg. Repeat with the other leg, and alternate for about 10-12 reps.

“Wood Chop”

Why: The motion of this exercise strengthens your back and shoulders in addition to your hips. These are all target areas for a golfer. How: Use a resistance band, and place it under one foot. Bend your knees slightly, and pull the band over your head to the direction opposite of the foot that’s holding the band (as though you’re getting ready to swing an ax). Do this 10-12 times, rest for 30 seconds, and then switch to the other side.
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