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Must-Have Crossfit Training Gear

Posted By on June 20, 2017 in CrossFit |

Crossfit is a conditioning and strength program which uses a mixture of calisthenics, olympic weightlifting, and aerobic exercise. There is not much a difference when it comes to workout gear but there are some items that will help to improve your Crossfit training sessions. Here are the top 5 items you should have in your crossfit bag: Knee Sleeves/Knee Wraps Knee wraps or knee sleeves can be found come in both elastic or non-elastic form. The additional compression provided when using knees sleeves or wraps can support you while aquatting high and/or heavy with very little or no pain. Wrist Wraps Wrist wraps can be user when doing handstand push ups, push ups, and jerks. Similar to knee sleeves/wraps, wrist wraps can get be found in elastic and non-elastic. Athletic Tape Many crossfitters have complained of tearing their hands when performing exercises like pull-ups. The recovery time for torn skin on hands is not ideal and if you would like avoid it you should consider using athletic tape. As you continue on your crossfit journey, you will find that your good calluses will develop and your hands will get stronger prompting you to no longer have any need for the tape. Even so, you should still keep the athletic tape in your bag for times when you will be performing a lot of hook grips or if you need to tape a slippery bar. Chalk Similar to athletic tape, chalk can be used to assist crossfitters with maintaining a proper grip on bars. You can use a chalk block or liquid chalk but be sure not to use too much of it or it will be prove to be disadvantageous during your workouts. Weight belt Using a ¬†weightlifting belt can help crossfitters increase their snatch, dead lift, or ¬†back squat by providing adding pressure to keep your core tight. All of these items are affordable and easy to find. Visit your local sporting goods store and pick up your crossfit must-haves today!