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Richest Purse in Golf: 2015 Players Championship

Posted By on May 11, 2015 in Golf |


The PGA Tour only has control over one of the majors when it comes to the professional golf circuit. They try their very hardest to promote the championship known as the Players Championship. This year however could prove to have a lot more visitors and viewers on television. This years Players Championship purse will be the richest purse ever pulled together in professional golf.

In a recent press conference Tim Finchem of the Tour and Ted Bishop of the PGA of America announced together that they were moving the purse of their organizations' marquee events to $10 million.

The three other majors have all made pushes towards the $10 million dollar mark as well. The Players Championship/PGA Championship remain the largest in purse size however.

  • Players Championship/PGA Championship - Winner is awarded $1.8 million of $10 million
  • British Open - Winner is awarded $1,665,788 of $9.19 million
  • Masters/U.S. Open - Winner is awarded $1.62 million of $9 million

But this year was different however as the show-runners at Augusta, decided to match the $10 million mark and Jordan Spieth took home a $1.8 million check.

Many people believe that the Players Championship is too overhyped and over-marketed however the competition level is quite high. It may not have the same feel as one of the other majors but it is quite a spectacle. As long as Tim Finchem is around, the Players Championship will always share a claim to the “richest purse in golf” title, most likely with the Masters hot on their tail.

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