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Saying Goodbye to Rocklin Golf Course

Posted By on August 5, 2015 in Golf |

steve-ellis-rocklin-golf1After 52 years of sporting fun, the Rocklin Golf Club located in Rocklin, California will be closing its doors for good. The course officially closer this past Monday. It was a sad sight to see when the pro shop was cleared out, the tee blocks were gone, and the driving range mats were discarded. Why did the course close you may ask? Back in June the Rocklin City Council voted 5-0 to deny the development of 38 new homes to be built on 5 acres of Rocklin Golf Club property.

Charlie Gibson who is the managing partner of the course’s ownership group was quoted in saying, “There’s been turmoil for so long, everybody thought this was just another bump in the road. They thought another bank or another Charlie would come along.”

steve-ellis-rocklin-golf2Gibson later went on to elaborate about the course’s dismal financials. Apparently the seasoned course had lost money each and every year since the bank owned the property in 2011. In 2011 the bank purchased the golf course for a whopping $2.5 million. Gibson personally owns two other courses in the general area of the Rocklin Golf Club, Morgan Creek and Wildhorse, but noted that the main difference between the clubs was Rocklin’s failing infrastructure.

Unfortunately the money that would have been pumped into the course from the development would have made substantial changes for the course. The money that would have been brought in from the new housing development would have been enough to repair the obviously aging course and all of it’s facilities.

Over the 52 years of play and competition the course was graced by some of golf’s most notorious champions and became a popular course for up and coming players. Many players now look upon the course with a strong sense of nostalgia.


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