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The Secrets Behind Longer Drives

Posted By on April 22, 2016 in Golf |

richard grannon golf drive No matter how relaxing or therapeutic you find the act of golf, deep in our hearts we know that there is a certain thrill that comes with playing a really solid game. One of the ways to achieve that feeling is to start achieving longer drives. All golfers are on the quest to develop longer drives, and there are a few very simple steps that you can start incorporating into your practice to start working towards that coveted added distance on your drive.  

Create More Solid Contact with the Ball

One of the most important aspects of gaining more distance and strength in your drive is where your ball is hitting your clubface. The ideal impact space is directly in the center of your clubface. Protip: If you want to quickly and easily check where your clubface is actually contacting your golf ball, coat your clubface with foot spray. It won’t damage your equipment, wipes away easily, and will give you the opportunity to see exactly where your club is hitting the ball.  

Don’t Freeze Up - Watch Your Backswing

Feeling tension during a game is both normal and expected. But that tension will manifest itself in the results of your game. When you’re feeling tense, your backswing will be the first thing to suffer. Try to focus on making your swing more full, smooth, and rhythmic. No matter what your range and flexibility, make attempts to put your lead shoulder behind the ball. Remember: don’t rush.  

Follow Through With Your Turns

If you’re a player who is constantly fighting hooks, there’s a solution for that as well. When you’re moving your body through the hit, fight the urge to slow down. If you keep your body moving and turning at the same speed as when you started, you’ll avoid having your club flip over.  

Avoid That Slice

Golfers who are continuously fighting a slices are most likely guilty of pushing their right shoulder outwards and towards the ball. The key to avoiding the slice is pushing your right shoulder back (this may feel uncomfortable, but it's necessary) while keeping your back towards the target. Follow through with a full turn on your swing, avoid spinning out, and you should see able to hit the ball square in the face.   For more resources and tips, click through these resources: Golf Digest & Golf WRX