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Tips For New Crossfitters – (cont.)

Posted By on July 25, 2016 in CrossFit |

steve ellis hickory weight lifting In my last fitness post, I started a list of important tips to help those looking to explore the realm of crossfit. Crossfit can completely change your life, and everyone has a slightly different way of approaching the practice. But these tips are universal and can be applied to any first time crossfitter’s experience. Last post we covered gear and the importance of nutrition. This post, we’ll cover the more existential aspects that you need to be aware of.  

Crossfit is a Competition. Just Not In The Way That You Think.

Many people decide to start Crossfit after hearing success stories, or seeing impressive videos and images. With any exercise regimen, it’s easy to feel a sense of competitiveness, and a desire to be just as good (if not better) than the people around you. But crossfit is not a competition against other crossfitters.   Instead, it’s a competition against yourself, and yourself alone. Building strength, and sculpting your body into its best is a process that will take time. Progress in Crossfit comes from continued training, and the creation of a foundation of both flexibility and strength. Don’t compete against anyone else; you don’t know what their exercise story is. Learn to accept your exactly where your body is at any given time, and work from there. Challenge yourself to increase your capacity and abilities, and before you know it, you’ll be the one posting inspirational photos and videos all across the internet.  

It will Never Get “Easier”

As you continue to move forward in your Crossfit practice, you’ll quickly discover that nothing will ever be easier. Crossfit is designed to challenge you on a continuous basis, and to increase your strength and abilities. To achieve that, crossfit exercises will need to be harder and more intense to combat your ever-increasing strength. Nothing should ever feel easy, because that’s not beneficial. What you will find is an increased ability to endure. You’ll come to crave the toughness; you’ll learn your body’s limits. You’ll know when to push harder, and when to back down for a bit. Crossfit will never be easy, but it will become a source of real happiness and stress relief for you.