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Top Protein-Packed Meal Prep Ideas

Posted By on November 17, 2017 in CrossFit, Golf, Sports, Tennis |

Contrary to popular belief, meal prep had been happening way before the world caught on to the fitness craze. Long before we all got into hardcore fitness, there were many people that were cooking one day a week and spreading those meals throughout the rest of the week. What’s the difference? The fitness conscious are primarily  focused on protein-packed meals. Here are some protein packed meal prep ideas that will last you a week and won’t break the budget:   Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry Time: 30 mins Protein: 20 grams Directions: Start off by marinating your beef; Next coat the beef in cornstarch. Once that’s done put the beef to the side; Boil broccoli in boiling water for 30 seconds; sauté broccoli in pan; Let the pan sit on high heat with the cooking oil for about 2 minutes and add the beef.; Serve with rice, noodles, or quinoa   Garlicky Crockpot Chicken and Lentils Time: 3-6 hrs Protein: 42 grams Directions: Rinse chicken and lentils then dry and set aside; Clean and chopped all vegetables for the green sauce and combine them in a blender until a  green marinade is formed; Put broth and and lentils in a crockpot and mix together; Mix in butter; Place chicken in top crockpot and pour the green sauce over the chicken; Cook on low for 4 -6 hrs or high for 3 hrs; Serve the lentil and chicken in a bowl with  broth on top   Vegetarian Black Bean Breakfast Burritos Time: 40 mins Protein: 16 grams Directions: Preheat oven to 400ºF and drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil on the baking pan; Dice sweet potatoes into 1-inch chunks.; Spread on pan and season with spices of your choice; Toss the sweet potatoes so and evenly covered them in olive oil and spices; Roast sweet potatoes for 20-25 minutes or until tender; then set sweet potatoes aside; Place all of the black bean mash ingredients in a high speed food processor and process until smooth; set aside; Heat up scrambled eggs, add onions, and sauté; Season with salt and pepper;

Add to tortillas and serve